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Many of the most popular pork cuts come from the loin section thanks to their supreme tenderness. There is great variety amongst loin cuts, so ideal preparation depends heavily on the individual cut.

Boneless Center Cut Pork Loin
White Marble Farms Boneless Center-Cut Pork Loin is created by removing the rib end and sirloin portions from the full loin, resulting in a consistently juicy, flavorful pork. 
SUPC 2589307

Pork Tenderloin Trimmed
One of the most tender cuts of pork available, the tenderloin offers flavor and versatility that will leave both you and your patrons delighted. Serve as Adobo-marinated tenderloin sliders, BBQ roasted or pepper crusted tenderloin.
SUPC 2590347

Pork Back Ribs
White Marble Farms Pork Back Ribs set the standard for premium quality ribs. Our tender ribs are derived from animals that are specially bred for deep, rich color and generous marbling. Excite customers by offering a variety of regional BBQ sauces.
SUPC 2838205
SUPC 5876566

Pork Loin Mini Rack
A beautiful, center-of-the-plate entrée for the most discerning customers. Pre-portioned at nearly one pound, it’s ready for your favorite preparation method. Use caramelized onions or an Ancho-chile rub to give the rack sensational flavor.
SUPC 4731376

Pork Loin Boneless Strip
Taken from the loin end of the whole pork loin, this well-marbled cut is perfect for roasting and slicing into chops.
SUPC 4731479

Center Cut Rack of Pork
White Marble Farms Center-Cut Rack of Pork will take menus to a whole new level of presentation. The bones can be easily frenched for an exquisite presentation at any carving station, or the rack can be sliced between the bones for individual bone-in chops.
SUPC 2590032

Pork Loin Rack Center Cut 10-Rib
With a true rib center, the first and tenth rib ends have been removed. This cut has exceptional marbling. Create an herb or pepper crust and then grill for a delicious menu item.
SUPC 4731533

Boneless Sirloin
White Marble Farms Boneless Sirloin has an endless array of menu options, as a roast, steak, cutlet or kabobs . This verstile product has no fat or waste and a hearty taste patrons will love.
SUPC 4731705

Bone-In Center Cut Loin Tender In
The all-natural* bone-in center cut loin is available with or without the tenderloin; both options provide superior marbling. Create a delicious meal of dry rubbed porterhouse pork chops or garlic and cumin grilled pork loin roast.
SUPC 4731770 (Tender In)
SUPC 4731826 (Tender Out)


Cuts from the shoulder butt are best prepared slowly, making them ideal for roasting or stewing.

Cellar Trimmed Boneless Pork Butt
White Marble Farms Cellar Trimmed Boneless Pork Butt comes from the front leg upper shoulder.  The finished product is rectangular in appearance and is extremely versatile, perfect for a vast array of cooking techniques.
SUPC 2772612

Boston Butt
Both the bone-in and boneless butt are well-marbled and come from the top of the front leg of the hog.  This convenient and labor saving cut is exceptionally tender and flavorful when slow-cooked, making it ideal for pulled pork dishes.
SUPC 5781077 (Boneless)

SUPC 5781236 (Bone-in)


Cuts from the picnic shoulder are perfect for curing and smoking.

This cut is a menu addition that’s sure to please barbecue fans. As a lean cut, it takes on marinades and dry rubs very well. Slice and serve in a cubano sandwich, create pulled pork breakfast burritos with crisp bacon hash, or serve chili-rubbed, slow-braised shredded pork tacos.
SUPC 0876694


Some side cuts are best fried while other cuts are best roasted.

Pork Belly
White Marble Farms pork belly is uncured, unsmoked and ready to be used in your most sophisticated dishes. From tacos to center of the plate applications, this on-trend item's rich flavor is sure to become an instant favorite among your guests.
SUPC 2589075 (Skinless)
SUPC 3365160 (Skin on)

St. Louis Style Spare Ribs Skinless
The higher fat content of these ribs results in a very flavorful meal. Smoke them over hickory and serve with a chile lager BBQ sauce, or use a chipotle rub with a tangy citrus BBQ sauce.
SUPC 2590404

Pork Spare Rib 5.8/down
Ribs are the cornerstone for any great barbecue – and White Marble Farms Pork Spareribs are sure to please even the most seasoned barbecue lover. They are all natural, tender, and juicy.
SUPC 2799702

Pork Short Rib (Thin)
The pork short rib comes from the sparerib, and is conveniently packaged in a 3-rib portion. Slow-cooked or grilled, the short rib is sure to have guests coming back for more. Serve for lunch or dinner.
SUPC 5892698


Familiar cuts like cured hams come from the ham section. The majority of these cuts are best smoked or cured, while fresh hams can be roasted or made into steaks.

Bone-in Whole Hind Shank
This lean cut comes from the lower portion of the ham and is best slow-cooked or braised. Perfect for fine dining, it makes for a unique presentation that will leave your customers delighted.
SUPC 0942999

Ham Fresh Steamship Bone-In
This fresh ham is not cured or smoked, leaving in all the natural juices and flavor. Create an herb crust and then roast for exquisite presentation.
SUPC 6899926

Ham Fresh Bone-In
Also known as fresh pork leg, this cut weighs between 20 and 23 pounds. Roast it slowly for a succulent ham that’s perfect for any occasion. Before roasting, score the fat and brine in a solution of brown sugar, bay leaves, garlic and peppercorns.
SUPC 473160

Ham Fresh BRT
This all natural cut comes boned, rolled and tied (BRT) for your convenience. Serve sliced for an elegant center-of-the-plate presentation.
SUPC 7013808